Better Bones Challenge


Better Bones Challenge


4 Week Better Bones Challenge: Build Strong Bones Without Drugs

Build strong bones with movement, nutrition & stress reduction

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  • Are you fearful of the side effects of the medications out there? You're not alone.

  • Been told to just take Calcium and do some exercise but not given any specifics? What other factors should you be considering?

  • Confused about what exercises to do to help support your bones? What does "weight bearing" mean anyhow? 

  • Wondering if foods really can help your bones get

  • And what about supplements? What should you be taking?

What Will I Receive?

  • Recorded Discussions about other risk factors that may be reducing your bone strength. Yes, it's more than just Calcium and Exercise. You're going to leave the 4 weeks with a variety of ways you can keep your bones healthy. ($100 value)

  • The Good, The Bad and The Ugly about Osteoporosis Drugs so you can make informed decisions about which medications you want to try along with your physicians guidance. ($10 value)

  • Recorded Discussions on Soy--Should you use it or not if I have a history of breast cancer or hormone imbalance? ($30 value)

  • Take-Away Handouts on Specific Supplements, Postures, Lifting & Bending Techniques, Safe Exercise & Yoga Tips to help keep your bones healthy ($50 value)

  • Movement Videos: 3 Exercise Circuit Videos and 2 Yoga Videos to enhance bone strength, balance, posture and flexibility ($150 value)

  • Meditation Recordings to help with stress reduction--Yes this has everything to do with your bone strength! ($25 value)

  • Bone Building Recipes every week ($25 value)


  1. Strengthening Your Gut Microbiome (because you can't absorb all those bone building nutrients if your gut isn't healthy ($10 value)

  2. Balancing Blood Sugar (important if you want to absorb all those bone building nutrients & reduce the effects of stress) ($10)

  3. A FREE month of Fitstar Personal Trainer ($50 value)

  4. A FREE 15-20 minute phone/Skype call for a one-on-one chat with Tianna. We can discuss any lasting questions, concerns and successes that you're still facing. ($50 value)

Investment: Value = $510 for only $167

Nothing to lose, as there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, if you're not absolutely satisfied.

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