3 Month Women's Resilience Program


3 Month Women's Resilience Program

from 397.00

Power to the SHE

This program is designed to provide you full support towards the goals that are important to you. Are you feeling Stuck? Low Energy? Loss of feeling ALIVE? Maybe pain or lack of energy is keeping you from feeling Strong enough to exercise. 

But you are Woman of Worth and you want to take the next step. It's time to Move Forward. You feel like you're ready to Shift Gears, because you are Fit to Be Amazing. 

Perimenopause (starts in your mid 30's ladies!) into Menopause and beyond can stir sensations of wanting something different for yourself. It's your time to take a Leap to say, "Today, I am Living." 

Then this Women's Wellness Resilience Program is for you.

If you sign up for the One-Time Payment, you will get a Free bottle of Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil ($170 value). Hemp oil is a source of CBD that can be helpful in reducing pain and improving sleep. 

Still not sure? Let's chat over the phone and see if this is right for you! Click here to set up a Curiosity Session or to Enroll. 

Pricing Option:
Become a Client

What's Included:

  • Food, Lifestyle and Activity Diary App to track 28 days + provides Recipes, Shopping List, and specific Recommendations geared towards your specific health needs (ie thyroid support, adrenal support, cleanse, etc)  $100 value

  • 3 one-hour sessions in the 1st month, with Tianna (in person or via Zoom video chats or phone) $405 value

  • Detailed review of your health history and health and/or nutrition goals $100 value

  • Virtual Pantry Clean-out if necessary or desired $45 value

  • One 30 minute follow-up sessions for Accountability Coaching, Every other week for the next 2 months = 4 calls (via Zoom video chat or phone) $300 value

  • Lifestyle recommendations to help you feel strong, alive and thriving (priceless)

  • x2 Individualized Yoga and/or Exercise Videos just for you on your personalized page on my Youtube Channel $100 value

  • x2 Stress Resilience Practices (via video/handout) $50 value

  • Supplement recommendations as needed (priceless)

  • Referral to outside providers as needed (priceless)

  • Unlimited email contact throughout the 3 months (priceless)

Investment: Value = $1145+ for only

$397 per month or $953 one time payment

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