Ozuke : Best Pickled Things; I don't like fermented veggies, but I can stomach Ozuke---a couple fork fulls per day. Love their dulse (good source of iodine), beets and kale. 

Integrative Physicians

Institute for Functional Medicine: Find a Functional Medicine Practitioner near you

Functional/Integrative Medicine: Dr Stephanie Daniels, DO (highly recommend for getting to the source of your health issues, esp. women's health)

Functional/Integrative Medicine: Dr Cynthia Li, MD

Functional/Integrative Medicine: Dr Akil Palanisamy, MD (CPMC Integrative Medicine Physician)

Hormone/Adrenal Testing: Canary Club

Things Physicians and Patients Should Question: Choose Wisely

Dr Fred Pockrass, Dentist: Eco-friendly, Green Dentist. Specializes in removing mercury fillings. He has an amazing office staff and he is the best dentist I have ever been to (not exaggerating). They explain everything and make you feel comfortable with the experience. Extremely safe removal of metal fillings.

Food & Supplements

Eat Well: Enter your city and find healthier eats near you!

Emerson Ecologics: Always best to get nutrition from food first, but when you can't, trusted supplementation is the next best option. Get professional-grade supplements vs those drugstore brands loaded with unnecessary additives.  The access code is MBMC25. Use this code and receive 15% off your purchases. 

Good Eggs: Shop local, organic produce, meat and fish, and delicious staples for next-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Terra Firma FarmsEach week, Terra Firma subscribers receive a box of freshly picked, organic, seasonal produce. Each week's box is carefully designed to provide you with a week's worth of fruit and vegetables.

Capomo, Coffee Alternative: Looking to kick your coffee habit (concerned about bone loss?, urinary incontinence?), try Capomo to carve coffee out of your routine. It's claimed to have protein, vitamins, amino acids and it's caffeine free!

Mighty Maca Greens: For hormonal balance and energy Perimenopause and Beyond


Super Enzymes by Now Foods: Helpful digestive enzymes

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

Judith Rubin, MDSPECIALTIES: Menopause, Hormone Replacement, Low Testosterone, Hot Flashes, Energy, Sex Drive, Weight Gain, Mood Swings, Bio-Identical Hormones, Anti-Aging,Insomnia, Irritability, Memory Loss, Telemedicine